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Older adults and the web ecologies is workshop theme in Aveiro

On the next February 26, the workshop 'Older adults and the web ecologies' will be held in the amphitheater of the Department of Communication and Art, at the University of Aveiro. The event is organized by the SEDUCE research team with the collaboration of iNeighbourTV project.Read more

The research “Networked video games for older adults” is teleported to the Great Lisbon international conference (GREATLX)

On September 16, during the Great Lisbon international Conference, GreatLX, the PhD student Liliana Costa highlighted that a new older adult’s gamer profile is emerging and it will bring new challenges for game developers. Read more

Portugal and Brazil are together in doing research about technological innovation and the enhancement of an active ageing

On September 2, a roundtable discussion on ‘Games and Education’ was held in Bahia state. The researcher Ana Veloso travelled to Juazeiro with the purpose of showing the online socal community – miOne. Read more

“Networked video games for older adults” is the dissertation’s theme defended by Liliana Costa

On July 22, at 14h30, Liliana Costa defended her master’s thesis in Multimedia Communication, entitled “Networked video games for older adults”. Read more

The SEDUCE project attended the Research Day event hosted by the University of Aveiro

On July 19, the SEDUCE project made known the process of involving older adults' in the development of multimedia applications, during the third edition of Research day's event, hosted by the University of Aveiro. Read more

miOne: the brand that involved older adults in the process of self-branding

The SEDUCE project team announced this thursday, 30th of May of 2013, the new brand of the online community that aims to strengthen social relationships among users. miOne was built on the brand’s tagline “Life in online community. For me. For you. For everyone”. Read more

“Social networks for over 50s” is under discussion at the TV Show 'Sociedade Civil' on RTP2

Last friday, 19th of Abril of 2013, the researcher Ana Veloso, from the Department of Communication and Art, was one of the invited speakers of “Sociedade Civil”, a TV show broadcasted by RTP2, speaking on the topic “Social networks for over 50s”.
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The development of assistive technologies addressed to older adults was under discussion at the University of Aveiro

On the 12th and 13th of July, a workshop and a tutorial on 'Assistive technologies addressed to older adults' were held at the University of Aveiro.
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